Working Life Exposome Toolbox

The total burden of disease caused by occupational exposure is estimated at ~6% of global mortality. An exposome approach to working life health will allow to address current limitations and challenges of risk reduction strategies  by providing better insights into the relationships between multiple working life related exposures and health, in particular for vulnerable life stages and groups (insecure job workers, female workers). This approach will shift the study from one occupational exposure in relation to one defined health effect, to mapping the complexity of interrelated working life exposures throughout the life time in relation to biological changes inside the body and health effects.

The WE-EXPOSE (Working Life Exposome for Policy, OSH and Science) Toolbox makes available tools developed in the EU EPHOR project for different stakeholders focused on:

Fundamental shift
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Innovative methods

Innovative methods for collection, storage, and interpretation of more complete and individual level working life exposome data focusing both on making use of existing (cohort) data as well as new data collection and the assessment of the economic and societal impact on working life exposures.

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Improved knowledge

Interactive tools for exploring the working life exposome and potential risks. But also, improved knowledge on multiple exposures within the working-life exposome are related to the occurrence of common diseases, including complex interactions of exposures, biological pathways and early signs of health damages, and vulnerability.

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